Vintage Double Sided Cigar Advertising Sign

Vintage Double Sided Cigar Advertising Sign


 Mid Century Rossli & Toscanelli Advertising Sign


We have just got this stunner back from Provence in Southern France and it looks amazing in the shop.


Bought in a brocante in Carpentras I love the graphics on both sides of the sign. One side is for Rossli Mild with a horse, cool vintage type in red and a cigar. The other side is very vibrant with more traditional type and an image of a packet of cigars. Both companies are Swiss and I think were popular in the US in the Italian American community as Cuban cigars were illegal.


The images are printed on a sheet of aluminium and the sign probably dates from the 160s/1970s period.


The sign measures 48cm X 33cm.The sign is in great vintage condition.


There is some minor wear and tear as you would expect but overall it is in very good nick. I am not sure if on the Toscanelli yellow side the wear in the image is an international design feature or just wear, either way it looks great. Please see photos.

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