Vintage Abstract Pastel Drawing by Henri Edion

Vintage Abstract Pastel Drawing by Henri Edion


Mid Century 1960s Original Abstract Pastel.


Henri Edion, Austrian (1905-1987).


Edion was first encouraged to paint by German expressionist painter Gert Wollheim whilst in a Nazi concentration camp.


We absolutely love this drawing it is bright and colourful and makes an excellent interior design piece but as you get to know it the abstract surrealism becomes a little spooky and dark. there are definitely hidden depths here, the image of the face toward the top right hand corner is could be described as pained. I wonder whether there is some of Edion's past coming through in this 1964 piece.


Looking into his work I would say it is definitely underrated and could possibly become more appreciated over time.


Framed in it's original and unusual frame with one black edge and one gilt edge formed with a triangular cross section.


Overal measurements: 67cm X 57cm.



The drawing and mount are in excellent vintage condition as they have been stored behind the glass frame. The colours are very vibrant the thing I would point out condition wise is that the the frame itself has a few dings around it's edge. Please see photos.

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