Vintage 1970s Spanish Still Life by Roger Vegarano

Vintage 1970s Spanish Still Life by Roger Vegarano

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Vintage Spanish Oil on Canvas Still Life Painting



'Bodegon' by Roger Vegarano 1976


Bodegon literally translates from Spanish to 'Still Life'. Roger Vegarano was a well known landscape painter based in Malaga. This is a more unusual still life by him depicting apples, pears and bananas on a table with a carafe of wine and plate in the background. It is painted well using intelligent and confident brush strokes, slightly impressionistic. The fruit is really the star of the show and the artist has captured their colour and reflections on them really well.


This would look great as a part of a gallery wall but also stands up for itself to be displayed on it's own more traditionally and would grace any interesting interior.


Framed in original 1970s style frame, with a simple gilt frame surround the canvas, this is then mounted onto a fabric backing and then all of this sits in a red frame. Depending on the interior aesthetic of the room this painting could also look good unframed.


Overall measurements: 75cm X 66cm.


The painting itself in in great vintage condition with only minor wear and tear, there are a couple of small tears to the canvas but you don't really notice when hanging on the wall. Other than that the only thing I would point out is the outer red frame has some little areas of damage. Please see photos.

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