Unusualy Dark French Butchery Still Life

Unusualy Dark French Butchery Still Life


Vintage French Oil on Board Painting


Bought in a brocante in Avignon and not for the faint hearted this painting couldn't be more French if it tried. Depicting a scene mid butchery on an old antique table. A couple of freshly plucked birds in the foreground are completely overshadowed by a skinned carcass, I'm thinking rabbit, hare or a small deer framed by a meat cleaver. I'm not sure whether the goblet contains wine or blood! What I do know for sure is that this bloody scene of carnage would have definitely turned in to something delicious (if you like that sort of thing).



Signed 'Guy Jeanlean' and dating from the early to mid 20th century this oil on board really is unique.



I love the slightly impressionistic style of the artist matched with the colour palette used, he really has captured the scene well.


I'm thinking this would be great for a chef, meat orientated restaurant, butchers or someone with an interest in the macabre.


Measuring: 73cm X 61cm.


Overall the painting is in good order, there is some minor wear and tear to the image, there is some paint loss around the edges and corners. None of this really detracts from the image. Please see photos. 

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