Small Oil on Canvas Portrait of a Girl

Small Oil on Canvas Portrait of a Girl


Charming Original Antique Painting

This really is a lovely little piece. We love the subject of a sweet little girl with the slightest glint of naughtiness. We love the way her lovely period outfit matches her eyes and the ringlets in her hair. The composition is quite unusual and used to great effect with the subject sitting quite low in the frame helping to emphasise her small size.

The frame is a more modern addition but compliments it well and could be removed if a more simple look is required.

It is signed ‘Leoni’ in a crown sort of shape and so far haven’t managed to find anything about the artist. I would say it is possibly continental.

I would say it is in good vintage condition but has had some restoration that can be seen up close on the face where the paint has previously cracked. Overall it is a charming and very decorative piece so this doesn’t detract from it’s overall look.

Overall measurements: 32.5cm X 27cm.

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