Small 19th Century American Landscape - Dark Mysterious Woods

Small 19th Century American Landscape - Dark Mysterious Woods


Antique Original Oil on Canvas Painting

What an atmospheric little number this is. Depicting a dark heavily wooded scene with a pathway in the foreground., almost half expecting to see a couple of fairies or goblins in amongst the undergrowth. If you look at it hard enough you just might. The slightly impressionistic brush strokes coupled with the dark palette really is the stuff of dreams (or possibly nightmares).

It is in it's original chunky 19th century gilt frame which compliments it well, this painting would look excellent wherever you want to put it, be it an eclectic or a more traditional interior space.

The old framing label verso. is for 'A. P. McElroy, Gilder & Upholsterer,  1001 Pensylvania Avenue, Washington D.C.' funnily the same road as the White House.

The painting itself is in great vintage condition with minimal wear, the frame is a bit worn around the edges but think this adds to it's charm. Please see photos.

Overal measurements: 41cm X 30cm X 7cm.

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