Original 1970s Soviet Propaganda Poster

Original 1970s Soviet Propaganda Poster


Vintage Russian Political Poster - The Fathers of Communism featuring Marx, Engels and Lenin.

An original and large soviet poster dated 1976. I think this must be quite rare as I can only find modern reproductions online and no original examples. The design and typeface used are wonderful as you would expect. I love the layout with the ‘fathers’ of communism above a diverse crowd of the Russian public all pulling together to celebrate communism.

What I love even more is the feint vintage graffiti. At some point during it’s life someone has put a speech bubble coming out of Marx’s mouth saying “FUCK LENIN”. Engels' then says “RIGHT KARL”, there is then an inscription, possibly in Russian that I can’t quite make out. The culprit then has drawn glasses on Lenin and coloured in his hair. I think the subsequent owner has then tried to eliminate this and rubbed it all out. You can only really make it out when inspecting the poster. I love all this and think it adds to it’s character but please bear in mind that this probably wouldn’t suit a poster collector or someone wanting a mint example.

Other than the graffiti the condition is pretty good. There are some small tears and wear around the edges. These would be less noticeable when framed. Please see photographs

Measuring: 115cm X 80.5cm.

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