Oil on Canvas Horse Painting

Oil on Canvas Horse Painting


‘Grey Dawn’ by Miller (1967) - Original Vintage Framed Painting

After a little research Grey Dawn (1962-1991) was a French thoroughbred champion racehorse and the only horse to ever beat sea-biscuit. This coupled with the distinctly French backdrop leads me to believe that this is a painting of said champion at grand old age of 5 just after all his major wins.

This seems like a good bet but it really doesn’t matter to me, the artist ‘Miller’ has really captured something quite lovely here in his slightly naive, impressionistic style, the whole painting really does sing.

It is in excellent vintage condition with no real damage and is in it’s original 1960s frame which really does compliment it.

Overall measurements: 72.5cm wide X 57cm high X 5cm deep.

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