Naive Oil on Board Biblical Scene

Naive Oil on Board Biblical Scene


Dramatic Old Testament Painting on Two Boards 

An unusual and attractive study depicting the story of Abraham from the old testament. 

God tested Abraham's faith by telling him to sacrifice his son, thankfully at the last minute he said "stop, it was just a test".

I absolutely love the dramatic feel of this painting, the moody lighting through the  dark clouds, the palm tree and goat in the bushes and the figures themselves. All painted in a very naive manner which brings a very charming and attractive feel to the piece.

I am unsure about it's origin or indeed how old it is but it does have quite a bit of age to it. It is painted on two wooden boards which are largely in good vintage condition with minor wear and tear. At some point they must have been coming apart from each other as they have been braced on the reverse with lengths of wood to keep them together. This is unobtrusive to the painting when viewing from the front. Please see photos. 

Measuring: 101cm X 71cm.

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