Large Summery Nude Portrait

Large Summery Nude Portrait

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Original Vintage Oil on Canvas Painting

Dating from the 1920s-1950s period this really is a charming painting with bags of appeal. Depicting two beautiful women having a blast near the sea. It is possibly based on a classical scene but the woman offering grapes in the foreground is definitely sporting a 1920s hair style. I love the freedom and the cheeky grin on the dancing figures face. It really reminds me of the South of France, in the background is the glinting Mediterranean, a wooden rowing boat and a hint at the overhanging tree providing shade. I love the pink flowers in the foreground and love the way the artist has captured the white sheets.

It is framed in a stunning white painted, carved wood frame which has just the right amount of wear and really suits the painting. An all round stunning piece that would lift any interior, whether on a sunny day or, especially in deepest darkest winter!

It is signed but have so far been unable to make the signature out, possibly Beatrice Corilles or Corries?????

Overall I would say it is great vintage condition, the canvas is free from holes or tears, there are a few minor marks, these could possibly be cleaned but for me it is good how it is. As I have said previously the frame is worn but I think this adds to the overall aesthetic.

Overall measurements: 109cm X 79cm X 3cm.

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