Marine Artist's Studio Still Life Oil on Board

Marine Artist's Studio Still Life Oil on Board


Unusual Original 1960s Oil Painting

As soon as I set eyes on this painting I fell head over heals with this still life, 'Maritime Muddle' by Fred Castle. Apart from having an amazingly vintage name he has managed to capture the mood of a messy artist studio, working into the night creating a labour of love. The more you look the more charming detail you find. I love the Herbert Terry Anglepoise lamp illuminating the messy watercolours, the bulldog clip on top of the sketch pad and the 1960s spectacles. For me this is still life at it's best.

Would suit a number of people, sailing enthusiasts, artists or anyone really, I challenge you not to see it's charm.

It is in great vintage condition as can be seen from the photographs.

Measuring: 60.5cm X 50.5cm.

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