Large Edwardian Husband and Wife Portraits

Large Edwardian Husband and Wife Portraits


A stunning pair of antique oil on canvas paintings 

These couldn't be more charming if they tried. A well to do Edwardian couple facing each other dressed up to the nines. What I really love is the little details.

The husband is in his three piece suit, moustache, pinky ring and the best bit he's half way through a fat cigar. Obviously his favourite pastime. 

The wife is in simple but stylish black clothing with some impressive jewellery on show, a big fat diamond ring on her finger, pearl earrings, black choker around her neck along with a jewelled necklace. She is holding what appears to be a crochet hook which obviously symbolises her favourite past time.

Both are sitting in a pair of antique armchairs. 

They are unsigned but painted by a confident hand, the faces are painted extremely well and the artist has really captured the life like warmth of the subjects. 

Both portraits presented in original gilt gesso frames with foliate decoration. They compliment the paintings beautifully.   

Each one measures 116cm high x 90cm wide x 4cm deep.

The portrait of the man is in good vintage condition with minor wear and tear, with a couple of very unobtrusive small holes. The female portrait is largely the same with a tear in the right hand corner that does not obstruct the image and is repairable. Please see photos for further details. 

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