Large Chinese Painting on Silk of Peony and Birds

Large Chinese Painting on Silk of Peony and Birds

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This Chinese painting is absolutely enormous at almost 2 metres wide.  It is painted on silk and features peony flowers and birds.

I love the colour palette the artist has used it works so well on a piece of this scale.

The frame is made of wood and glass fronted. There are a few nocks and scuff marks to the frame and two small holes to the frame where a fixing has been screwed through too far in the past I suspect but its not terribly noticeable. The silk painting itself is in good condition, there are some light brown marks here and there but again they really don't detract from the piece.  Oddly there is a centipede or millipede that has somehow been pressed between the painting and the glass as shown in the photograph, you could remove this if you wanted to but we thought it looked rather funny and almost part of the painting so decided to name him 'Clive the centipede' and leave him put.

Measuring 92cm tall x 180cm wide x 2.5cm deep

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