Large 19th Century Oil on Canvas Portrait

Large 19th Century Oil on Canvas Portrait


Original Antique Oil Painting - Attributed to John Partridge R.A.

What can I say, whoever this woman was I have come to the conclusion she was firm, fair and if you gave her a little tickle she would have the most excellent belly laugh.

She has a very nicely painted face and I love the attention to detail on the feathers, lace and her ringlets. I equally love her double chin!

Handily there is a framing label verso for Frost & Reed, established 1808 and still and upmarket gallery in Mayfair today. This is dated 1851, there is also a pencil inscription by the same hand ‘PARTRIDGE’. I am pretty sure this painting is by notable Victorian portrait painter John Partridge R.A. who between 1827-1845 was the royal portrait painter for Queen Victoria. Despite this sitter bearing quite the resemblance to her (excluding her famous blue eyes) by the time this was painted he had fallen out of favour with the royal court. Considering the high quality brush strokes and comparing it to others of his works, especially looking at the hands there is more than a good chance this is by his hand.

As you can see from the pictures, in typical Rag & Bone fashion there is some damage, chiefly a couple of holes. Of course these could be repaired if desired but we like it just the way it is and they don’t really detract from the overall look of the painting.

Overall measurements: 101cm high X 80cm wide X 2cm deep.

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