Impressive Framed Oil by Henry Luyten

Impressive Framed Oil by Henry Luyten


Henry Luyten or Jan Hendrik Luyten was a Dutch-born Belgian painter born in the Netherlands 21 May 1859, died in Belgium 21 January 1945.

Early 20th-century oil on canvas depicting Autumnal trees, signed Henry Luyten. Well executed painting with an interesting perspective within the trees and wonderful colour palette. The frame itself is also impressive with naturalistic acorns and leaves.

It's clear to see why Luyten's work is held in collections throughout the world.

As shown in the photographs the frame has a couple of minor losses to its outer edge but this age-related wear that in no way detracts from the piece, the canvas itself has no damage though it is ever so slightly slack, this is so minor we have left it but you could easily have it re-stretched in the future should you like.

Measures 106cm wide x 89.5cm height x 10cm deep

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