19th Century painted column canvas panel

19th Century painted column canvas panel

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Large decorative Antique hand painted wall hangings of columns in wonderful muted toned colours.

This listing is for one of the three column panels. We have a total of 5 hangings for sale that all came from the Chateau de tresse , 49 maine et loire in France. It was painted in 1848 .   I absolutely fell in love with them and would love to have them find a new home together ideally, but we have listed them separately as many people would not be able to accommodate all 5 of the pieces. The panels are one door, three decorative columns and a garden landscape scene so please do have a look at the other listings

I bought them from another Antique dealer who bought them from the Chateau de tresse where they had been safely tucked away and stored in the Attics of the house  - hence they are in quite reasonable condition given their age and that they are unframed canvas. 

The small pale blotches on the back of the canvas are NOT mould but paint from where it has been rolled and small bits of paint have rubbed off and onto the back of the canvas. there is  small tear to the top of the panel and one very tiny little hole that is barely noticeable as shown in the photographs. 

I have numbered the panels from left to right below to give individual descriptions, please request which panel you would like when buying . 

Panel 1.  Still has a wooden brace running along the top with the panel attached to it. It has the holes from the original fixings running sown both sides and is dated on the reverse top Measures 44cm wide x 285cm long


Panel 2. A couple of inches have been cut off  the top and most of the very side edges as there are no holes from the fixings showing. There is a small rip to the bottom right edge. Measures 50cm wide x 276cm tall

Panel 3. Has the left side cut so the original fixing holes are no longer there and there is small rip on the left hand side at the very edge

Measures 50cm wide x 286cm tall. 

Panels No 2 and No 3 have sold, this listing is now for panel No 1 only.

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