Huge Vintage 1950s Map of Wales

Huge Vintage 1950s Map of Wales

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Mid Century Bartholomew’s Half Inch Welsh Map Including Bristol

I’m guessing this would have originally been commissioned for a business or possibly for educational purposes. I love the way it is made from different sections and some overlap the border. I can be rolled up for transport or when not in use and is definitely a decorative wall filler when unrolled.

although undated I think I can date it to the latter half of the 1950s as it has the proposed section of the M4 from Bristol to Newport.

The map itself is in good vintage condition, there is the odd nick/mark here and there. It is coming away slightly from the wooden baton in parts but once hung is Ok and one edge of the top baton is snapped off. Please see photos.

When unrolled it measures: 191cm wide X 202cm high.

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