Very large painting of vanishing point with windows

Very large painting of vanishing point with windows


Original painting on board of a long corridor with windows running along one side. It almost reminds me of Edward Hopper and his use of light and windows. It makes for an unusual piece of Art.

The condition is what also appealed to us when buying the piece; its been painted on an old sign of some sort I believe as it is simply a large piece of ply board that still has stickers and such like below the paint, unless the stickers were part of the piece and it is a mixed media piece we shall never know either way it is really effective and I Iove the result. They add another layer to the piece and now where the paint is slightly crackled in some areas and rubbed away in other it has really created an intriguing textural piece of work. 

The board itself is rather chewed up around the edges in particular the top left area where there is a split to the piece. There is also a hole in the top right area. I think it would look great as it is eaning against the wall or if not I can imagine it framed in a large oversized frame with no mount just highlighting the edge of the piece. 

We don't know who the Artist was unfortunatly aside from 'Nick' on the back

Its very large measuring 122cm wide x 85cm tall. 


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