Antique Oil on Canvas Portrait of a Gentleman

Antique Oil on Canvas Portrait of a Gentleman

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Original 19th Century Oil Painting

Bit of a quirky one here, just as we like them. We are a bit unsure about this chap as the painting method seems a bit unusual as the head and cravat areas are raised with lots of layers of paint, the emphasis of the painting is definitely on his forehead! We were unsure if these were later additions or that was just how it was painted. The face is painted very well with plenty of expression. I think his finger is pointing to a book so am wondering if it is the bible or possibly he a magistrate pointing out the law.

The painting sits in a simple and beautifully worn gilt frame. Over the years this painting must have seen a few things. there are some old repairs and holes etc. but nothing too serious and these add to it’s charm. Please see photos.

Overall measurements: 53cm X 43cm X 2cm.

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