Antique Hand Painted Natural History Lecture Diagrams

Antique Hand Painted Natural History Lecture Diagrams


Original Early 20th Century Painted Diagrams, ‘A Lecture on Ants’ by Rev. Spong, 1911.

Price is per diagram. Please let us know which ones you would like when ordering.

Hand-painted on cotton by the Reverend A. D. Spong himself, for his lecture entitled: ‘Ants or the History of the Little People’ which took place on Wednesday 18th January 1911 at the Y.M.C.A. in Crawley.

They are in great vintage condition, some have some paint transfer where they have been folded (we love this!). They have minimal wear and tear as they have been stored away for a while but obviously show some signs of age and there are a couple of small slits where the paint has hardened on the fabric over time.

I have ironed them slightly and quite like them like this but they could be steamed or ironed more if you would like them flatter before framing.

We have two smaller diagrams in portrait (102cm x 75cm) and two larger ones which are landscape orientated roughly 138cm x 98cm and the final landscape one photographed is 120cm x 101cm.

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