Antique French Portrait of a Provencal Judge

Antique French Portrait of a Provencal Judge


Framed Oil on Canvas Painting


We have just got this stunner back from Provence in Southern France and it looks amazing in the shop.


Bought in a brocante Aix-en-Provence this portrait depicts a local provencal judge in typical dress with red cloak, I'm guessing either clutching a bible or legal book. Sitting next to him is his traditional hat.


I love the stern yet fair look on his face, his blue eyes and his sweeping hairstyle.


Framed in a simple gilt gesso frame and dating from the late 19th century this portrait would have probably been commissioned by the sitter for his home.


Overall measurements: 80cm high X 64cm wide X 4.5cm deep.


Overall the portrait in in good vintage condition. There is a repaired area on the canvas in the background to the right of the judge and there are small areas of wear and tear to the paint. There are also small areas of wear to the frame with some small amounts of damage to the gesso. Personally we don't think these detract to the overall aesthetic of the painting and add to it's charm. The original backing was removed by the previous owner as he wanted to see if there were and signatures or labels on the reverse. Please see photos.

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