Abstractions on a Cow's Head - Original 1950s French Drawing

Abstractions on a Cow's Head - Original 1950s French Drawing


Vintage French Mixed Media Drawing


We have just got this stunner back from Provence in Southern France and it looks amazing in the shop.


Bought in a brocante in Carpentras this is quite an accomplished preparatory work, I believe from a sketchbook. Although signed and dated I really can't decipher the inscription as it is almost as artistic as the drawing itself. I believe it is dated 1953.


I have named this piece abstractions on a cow's head depicting a central cow's head in dark black with various different abstractions surrounding it, cow skull's, simplified birds and even lobsters from the same form. Well that's my take on it anyway.


Mixed media executed in pen and ink, pencil and some watercolour wash.



Framed in a modern, chunky black frame that compliments the drawing well.


This would look great as a part of a gallery wall but also stands up for itself to be displayed on it's own more traditionally and would grace any interesting interior.



Please see our other items for another abstract piece by the same hand in a matching frame.



Measuring: 55cm wide X 37cm high.


The drawing is in great vintage condition as it is protected behind glass. Please see photos.

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