19th Century Memento Mori Oil on Board

19th Century Memento Mori Oil on Board


Antique Original Belgian Portrait Painting 

This really is an attractive and unusual painting which depicts a seated young woman longingly looking at a human skull perched on her knee. She is sat at a table in a library, surrounded by hundreds of books. I believe this was painted as a 'memento mori' piece and the young woman is mourning the death of a loved one.

It is painted in oils on a wooden board. There are two labels verso, the first is for 'Adele Deswarte, Bruxelles' who was an art materials supplier as well as art dealer in 19th century Belgium. The second label is for 'E.J. Lovely & Son, Margate', a gallery and framing company still going today. The frame itself is a complimentary simple gilt example and works really well with the painting. 

Overall the painting is in good vintage condition, there is some surface wear and tear and restoration when you inspect it closer, the colours are rich and vibrant especially her blue skirt and the blood red tablecloth. Please see photographs.

Overall measurements: 50cm high X 40cm wide X 3.5cm deep.

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