19th Century French Naive Oil on Canvas

19th Century French Naive Oil on Canvas


Large Rustic Antique Oil Painting

This painting was bought in Provence in the south of France. It really does set a very charming scene depicting a woman sitting in a chair keeping warm near a large fireplace I do really love the simple forms and muted colour palette which means that this wholly traditional scene would fit effortlessly into a more modern interior space.

The details of the faience plates sitting on the mantlepiece and the terracotta jugs and bowls really are quite special. The glimpse out of the leaded window to the left, the fire dog in the hearth, the way the fire is captured itself all add to the charm of this piece. The more you look the more you love it. I am still undecided whether the posture of the woman depicts sorrow or calmness, it’s a mystery I am definitely willing to leave open.

Overall condition is good for it’s age. There are a few areas of damage and old repairs etc. but these are forgiven when hanging on the wall. Please see photos.

It measures 93cm wide X 91cm high X 2cm deep.

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